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Fear is probably the biggest emotion getting in the way of you taking action toward your dream of being an entrepreneur. You feel like you desperately want this life you envision for yourself, one where you’ve got more time and are home with your kids, yet you aren’t taking the actions you know you need to to make it happen. That’s fear. 

And If you aren’t equipped to recognize it and overcome it, then it can keep you stuck. Always wishing and never actually doing. 

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In this episode, I’m going to share how fear came into play as I was leaving my job to be an entrepreneur and tips for how you can identify and overcome your own fears to get unstuck.


Episode Highlights: 

  • How fear showed up for me as I started my entrepreneurial journey
  • Fear will control us if we let it
  • Stepping out in faith even in the face of fear
  • Why I’m passionate about helping you overcome fears and obstacles
  • How to overcome fear (exercise)
  • Fear will keep you stuck if you don’t overcome it

I hope this helps you feel more clarity around what your calling is and that God has equipped you for a purpose. 

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Full Transcript of the Show

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3 Comments on Ep 3 Overcoming Fear to Get Unstuck

  1. I LOVED THIS EPISODE! And here’s why … she is so right that fear can be paralyzing, much like perfectionism, but instead of denying your fears Alexia suggests validating them first. Not to succumb to the fear but by acknowledging the truths in the fear so that you can then plot how to overcome it. LOVE THAT! That type of mindset is empowering instead of self-defeating. Thank you so much for this episode! I’ll be listening for more.

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