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Figuring out that God has called you to become an entrepreneur is a great feeling. You know what you’re supposed to do but it’s more of a general idea. Now you have to actually pursue this calling by figuring out which business to start, how to start it, and then shift your entire mindset to that of a mom entrepreneur.

As you’re navigating this new call, there are lots of obstacles that will come up for you along the way. These come up for anyone that’s making a career change but you’re not just making a career change.

You’re stepping into your God-given calling and taking back your life by starting a business so you can be with your kids more. It can be a lot.

I know that if I had been better prepared, some of the obstacles I encountered wouldn’t have been as much of a surprise as they were.

I’m sharing all of my learned lessons with you in this episode of the Mama With A Calling.

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In this episode, we’re going to talk about the 4 major hurdles you’ll have to overcome as you start down the road of becoming an entrepreneur. 

These are things that are going to get in your way and, if you’re not prepared, will trip you up. That’s why this podcast is going to focus on all 4 of these areas to help as you’re stepping into your calling. 


Episode Highlights: 

  • What are these hurdles and why they matter
  • The four major areas you’ll find these hurdles in
  • Looking more at the types of things that can come up in each of the four major areas that could be problematic (For more resources and help with these, check out the blog at
  • It’s not all doom and gloom. Yes there are obstacles, but you’ve got this podcast to prepare you for anything that comes up.

Knowing about potential pitfalls before they happen is a great way to ensure that you’re prepared. Otherwise, these are things that would make anyone second guess why they started down the path to being an entrepreneur in the first place. 

But you know this is your calling, and you have to keep going. That’s why this episode, and this podcast actually, are going to be an asset to you and you’re navigating the road ahead as you pursue the calling God has put on your heart.

For more help figuring out your calling, grab the free guide at

If you’re wanting clarity around which business you should start based on your calling, then I would love to help! Book a coaching call with me and let’s work together to figure out the right business for you.

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