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Are you finding yourself in a place of uncertainty with everything going on right now? There’s the pandemic that we’ve been dealing with for months now and of course normal life stuff that happens as well. If you’re feeling like things are falling apart or chaotic and feel like you aren’t sure what you should do or why any of this is happening, then this episode is for you.


When things get hard, it can feel like nothing is going the way it’s “supposed” to and it’s really hard to see the light at the end of that tunnel. But if you’re focused on the negative effects of what’s happening, then that’s all you’ll notice. 

In this episode, I’m going to help you find the blessings and lessons God wants you to see even in the chaos.

Episode Highlights: 

  • A big life change, like the pandemic or job loss/change, can really be a lot to process and if we’re not careful, we’ll focus all on the negative impact and miss the good in it
  • How I was ready to receive the lessons God wanted to show me when I went back to a 9-5 temporarily 
  • The lessons I learned from that 
  • How God used the pandemic to really open my eyes to what I needed to do but had been avoiding for months
  • Questions and tips to help you see the lesson that God is trying to get you to see
  • Look at Matthew 14:22-32 NLT when Peter walks on the water to Jesus in the storm
  • Seek God’s lesson for you in the storm and you’re going to be amazed at what He’s trying to show you

What if starting a business is one of your lessons?

Sometimes, you’ll find that the lesson you’re supposed to learn is that you need to start a business. While it’s great to know that you should start one, figuring out which business makes the most sense can be a bit harder.

I’ve got a ton of resources on starting a business and figuring out what you’re meant to do like these articles:  how to choose a side hustle, how to start a blog or how to start a reselling business

The other thing that can help you figure out which business to start is the free guide I put together for you. It walks you through some questions that really shed light on what you’re wanting in a business so you can create that reality as you head down that road.

If you’re needing help finding that clarity about what you should do next, I’d love to help. Book a coaching call with me at

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