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There are things in life that can trigger this feeling deep inside of you that maybe, just maybe, you’re not living the life you were meant for.

You’re on a career path doing everything like you’re “supposed” to but then you get pregnant, and you come face to face with the reality that you never really loved that career to begin with. Now you’re really feeling this pull to be with your kids and start an online business because you love to work and make an impact.

While this makes you happy in your heart, it’s also a lot to completely change your life when you’ve known it for so long as the other way.

That’s what today’s episode is about. How do you follow where God is calling you even when it’s a complete 180 from how you’ve lived or who you’ve been up to this point.

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Sometimes God will ask you to switch gears in life to be someone you’ve never been before. Always a career woman and now being called to be home with the kids. Always a work-a-holic and now striving for balance. Well meaning people around you might doubt the change. You have the choice to either get up and walk to let your old ways define who you are even though God is calling you to change your life by doing something you’ve never been able to do before. If He’s calling you, then He will empower you. In this episode, we’re going to see how it look to follow God even when those around you doubt and it seems like its impossible.  The story for this episode comes from John 5:1-9 CSB Episode Highlights: 
  • Read the story of the healing at the pool in John 5:1-9
  • How this looks like the life of being called to pivot to become an entrepreneur
  • Doubters and how it can impact you
  • Choosing to get up and walk or not 
I hope this look at this story about Jesus asking a man that’s been disabled for 38 years to get up and walk encourages you as you face the decision to follow God’s calling or not. It might be scary or feel crazy, but if He’s calling then you should go. For more help figuring out your calling, grab the free guide at I’d love to hear from you! You can leave a review on Apple Podcasts and let me know what you’re loving about these episodes and how they’re helping you in your entrepreneurial journey. 

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