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Wondering the right time to start your side hustle business? You’d love to start your own business, but it makes you nervous to actually start it.

So why should you stop procrastinating and get started on that business idea you’ve been thinking of for awhile now?

Mom working at her computer because she found the motivation to finally start her side hustle business.

The best time for your side hustle is now

Have you ever found yourself saying “I’d love to do that, but it’ll have to wait until..”?

We think we’re being smart and planning everything out before we do something big.

Maybe getting more financially stable or less stressed from work or when the kids get in school. 

Whatever the reason, we definitely feel like it’s a legitimate reason to not take action.

Until life throws a curveball and you need to have those plans in place NOW!

For me, this became a stark reality this week.

I received the call that my mom was given a prognosis of living less than a year. After pulling myself back together, I quickly started thinking of how I could help her and be by her side during this time.

Then I realized that I can’t.

Not like I want to anyway.

I live 5 hours from her and have a 9-5 and bills to pay.  I should be able to help her, spend time with her, and enjoy life together. But I can’t.

That’s when it hit me that if I had actually gotten my ebay or blogging business off the ground running at full-time capacity, then I would own my own time and be able to go stay with her as much as I need to right now.

But I didn’t.

This situation got me thinking about how much I desperately wanted my ebay business to be thriving right now so that I could take care of my mother when she needs it. Situations like this put things into perspective and motivate change.

So, I wanted to share the 6 reasons why you shouldn’t delay on starting your own side hustle TODAY.

Things Just Get Busier With Time

There is never better timing than right now.

I fell into the trap of saying “Maybe later when…” When I had more time..or less stress…or more inventory. You could fill in that blank with anything that you think is getting in your way of a business, but really no time is better than now because something is always bound to come up.  

For me, it looked like this. I had an entire semester of teaching where I only had classes for half of the day. I had less stress than I’d had in years, but I didn’t buckle down and get my business going as strong as I could have. My class load increased and suddenly, that extra time I had before was gone. 

Look at where you are right now and see where you can realistically fit in time to work on your side hustle. You never know what your life is going to look like later, so figure out how to make time for your side hustle now and make it happen.

A side hustle is important for financial emergencies

You never know when you will need to fall back on your business financially.

Our 9-5 jobs feel so secure until a situation comes up where working that 9-5 is not the best thing for us. If you don’t have a side hustle in place, then you can feel stuck in your 9-5 with little options for covering your bills. 

It could be anything from a loved one getting sick to getting an injury in some way. Maybe you have another child and the cost of daycare becomes cost prohibitive.

Emergencies aren’t planned, so having your side hustle thriving right now can help when you actually need that source of income.

For me, this happened when my husband and I moved back to Nashville.

I was pregnant and had been selling on ebay for a few months learning the ropes. Suddenly, my husband found himself without a job, and he wasn’t able to find a new one for a few months.  

I remember panicking but then I was like “Wait…I’ve sold stuff on ebay. I have money in a PayPal account!”  That money had served as a mini savings account and got us through that tough time. It was such a lifesaver!

I hope nothing bad happens to you, of course, but you just never know.  

Side Hustle Businesses Take Time to Grow

With most side hustles, you won’t see results overnight. There’s often a steep learning curve to get up to speed on how to run your business and then you’ll have to master the ability to actually make money.

It could take months to start seeing your hard work pan out.  Even with a relatively fast side hustle like reselling, it can still take some time to see the money coming in. 

Last year, I took a week vacation and instead of going anywhere, I decided that I was going to pretend to be a full-time reseller for a week and see what kind of money I could make.

If I was able to sell at least $1000 in that week (which would be a lot for me at that point!), then I would know that I could do this whole ebay business thing, and I could put in my notice for later that summer.

Through that,  I found that shopping for a ton of items takes a lot of time and that I couldn’t list that many in a day because I was still new. And even though I was listing more items each day, nothing was happening to my sales.

It took weeks to see the effects of my labor through an increase in sales.  It was a good experiment because I realized that ebay definitely takes time, so planning ahead was key. 

Things online change quickly

If you’re considering starting an online business, then it’s better to start sooner rather than later simply due to the demand and growth of online business.

imagine being one of the early Etsy stores and how much easier it was to sell their items. Now, there is so much more competition.

Of course, there are also more buyers, but the idea is that if you’re thinking of starting an online business, waiting isn’t going to benefit you. Courses you’re interested in taking will only increase in price and the competition in your industry will just increase.

Can you still be successful if you wait? Of course, but you’d make it easier to start now.

Motivation Can Come and Go

If your’e reading this, then you definitely have motivation to start a business but anxiety or fear are getting in your way a little bit.

Motivation is a huge part of being an entrepreneur. You have to want to work hard to create your business and do what needs to be done to make it successful.

But just like anything else, motivation can  come and go with time and circumstances.

So if you’ve got that fire in you to start a business, take that motivation and use it to help you start and grow your business quickly.

You can’t add value to the world if it’s just an idea

This might be kind of touchy feely for some people, but I really believe that if you’ve got something on your heart, then it’s your obligation to share it with the world.

There are people out there waiting for the very thing you have to offer, but they’ll never get it if you don’t start that business. Sure it might be done by others before you, but they aren’t you and aren’t sharing the message that you have to offer.

In addition, your kids and your family can’t benefit financially  if you keep your business idea in your head without ever trying. Your kids will miss out on the extra time and flexibility in your schedule that would come from your success as an online entrepreneur.

Keeping it an idea is safer for sure, but the world including you and your family can’t reap the benefits if you don’t ever get started.

Regret is stronger than fear

The one thing that’s worse than fear is regret.

Do you really want to look back on this time and wish you’d started that business? If only you’d started it sooner then you could be making X amount of money or could’ve quit your job by now.

I’ve always said that I want to make sure I look back on my life and have very few regrets.

It goes both ways though. If you’re convinced you’d regret jumping into your business too soon, then you should wait until it makes sense. But if you’re really just procrastinating and coming up with a bunch of reasons why it’s not safe to start a business just because you’re scared of what’ll happen, then you might want to rethink your decision to start a business.


I hope those 6 reasons gave you a  lot to think about and convinced you that now is the time to start your side hustle business. 

You have a dream. You have goals.

They can’t happen if you aren’t putting in the full effort. Make this whole working-at-home thing a reality so you’re the boss and in control of your own time.

So when life throws you a curve ball, you are ready for it. And hopefully, no curve balls come your way and instead you’ll be cruising along toward your happy place of working from home and loving life with your little ones.

I’d love to hear the biggest thing holding you back from starting your side hustle business? Share it in the comments below.

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Mom at computer finding inspiration to finally start your side hustle.

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