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You know you’ve been called to be an entrepreneur, and you even know what you’ve been called to do. But fully stepping into that calling and becoming an entrepreneur when life already feels busy? That’s a different story.

As a Christian, you know that God has called you to something bigger and you’re here for it. But as you’ve tried to find time to work on your business, it feels like there just isn’t enough time to add this new thing to your already busy life. Between your job, taking care of the home, and spending quality time with your kids as much as you can, where in the world is a business supposed to fit in here?

I want to encourage you today by first acknowledging that it IS hard to be an entrepreneur and even harder when you have little kids. Then you have busy seasons like summer and the holidays and it can almost feel impossible at times.

But you’re here reading this because you know that God doesn’t call people to anything they can’t do. He doesn’t just say ” Do this” and then not give you a way or the tools.

So how do you reconcile the two?

How you can step into this new identity of mom and entrepreneur

Give yourself grace as you become a new person

You may not have thought about it this way, but when God called you to do this whole new thing with your life, that was the beginning of your journey to becoming a new person with a whole new identity. Where before you were a working mom doing life one way with one set of priorities, now God is asking you to shift all of that.

Instead of working out of the home, you’ll work in it.

Instead of seeing your kids a few hours a day, you’ll see them almost all day.

Instead of using your skills to contribute to someone else’s company, you’re going to step up and be in charge of your own.

Instead of making choices based on a boss, you’ll be answering to the Ultimate Boss.

This won’t be easy though.

Think about Moses. Sure he grew up in Egypt in pharaoh’s palace, but he had long left that life and had become a humble shepherd. Then God called him to not just lead His people out of slavery but lead them for the rest of his life.

You can see in Exodus 3 how Moses resisted the very calling that God Himself was giving him. But he said yes. And that didn’t mean it was all downhill from there. Moses had a lot of character changes to make with the biggest one being to learn how to trust and follow God.

So as you start on this new journey, just know that God has called you so you CAN do this. Give yourself grace as you’re learning how to step into it.

Listen to podcast episode 21 on this topic:

Saying Yes to Your Calling Means Making Changes

As you’re learning how to embrace this call to be an entrepreneur, one thing that you’ll have to do is make changes. Living life the way you used to while trying to do something new isn’t going to work.

You may need to shift your schedule, change your hobbies, let go of some friendships, etc.

This is all part of becoming the person God needs you to be to fulfill the calling He has for you.

Just like the Israelites had to learn how to depend on God for their food, water, safety and let go of the comfort they had back in Egypt. Otherwise, they couldn’t handle the prosperity and abundance of the promised land.

Letting go of the old way of thinking and the old way of life is needed but definitely isn’t comfortable.

But if you haven’t noticed, God often does the most amazing inner work on us when we’re uncomfortable. He does that all through the Bible.

Just as Moses leaned heavily on God as he was making changes, you can do the same.

Holding onto biblical truths is critical

I’ve heard people say that if you want some serious therapy, open a business. And I can say that’s 100% true. Stepping out in faith and opening your own business is a very vulnerable process.

Fear, doubt, imposter syndrome, worry and more are prevalent in all entrepreneurs, especially when you’re first starting out.

The number one thing that will help you overcome and move forward even though these emotions come up is getting to know what God says about them.

What does He say about you? What does He promise us in His word?

Holding onto His truths is key to your success because without Him, you won’t succeed. At least, not in the way He intends for you to.

You might be wondering if the Bible really has anything to say about you and your business, but I assure you it does. Pray as you read the Bible that God would reveal to you His truths for you. If you want help getting started, I’ve pulled together some verses that really speak to worry and doubt in your business. It comes with some journal prompts because I’ve found so much power in journaling my thoughts about a verse instead of just reading it and moving on, so I know this will help give you peace.

Listen to Episode 21 of the Mama With A Calling podcast for more on this

If you’re looking for more encouragement on this and want more practical tips on how to actually do it, listen to episode 21 of the Mama With A Calling podcast on your favorite podcast player.

Final thoughts

God has called you to something new, and it’s not going to be an easy one. It’ll be 100% worth it though. Keep pursuing your calling even if life feels busy, even if the journey feels hard.

While God definitely equips us and leads us, He also gave us each other. The enemy wants us to think we need to do this alone, but God brings us together in community and with individual gifts that can help and encourage one another in Christ.

If you’re in that season where you know some accountability, support, and extra help and training would be amazing, then I want to invite you to get on a clarity session with me. Together we can figure out the best way to get you the support you need based on where you are in your business and your goals. From a mastermind to 1:1 coaching, there’s something available to help you fully step into your calling. Book a free clarity session today.

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