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You know that God has called you to run an online business and be an entrepreneur. And while you’re totally here for it and the thought of it is really exciting, it’s also really scary to completely let go of the things in your life that define your comfort zone.

Things like your job, a certain amount of money, a certain way of living, etc. 

But this isn’t just some little task God is putting on your heart. This is literally what you are being called to do. This is you stepping out to fulfill the purpose that God created you for. 

You’re going to teach, encourage, lead, and impact so many with your business. 

And while God did choose you for this and He knows you can do it, He also needs you to trust Him before you can ever fully experience it. 

This means really having faith that God has called you to do this and He will provide for you. 

It means you’re not going to know what’s happening next. You can’t predict the income that’s going to come or if there will be clients. 

You’re simply saying “Yes” to God’s call on your life. 

Having faith isn’t just believing. In James, it tells us that faith without works is dead (James 2:17).

This is saying that if you have faith then you will act according to what you’re believing in. Even if you can’t see it, you will have faith in it. 

The example I like is the one about the chair. 

You believe the chair is going to hold you when you sit on it. But you have FAITH when you actually put your butt in the chair because you are taking action on the belief you have and that’s faith. 

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So what does it mean to have faith as an entrepreneur?

This means actually taking action that aligns with your faith that God has really called you to the thing you KNOW He’s called you to do. 

And if He’s called you, then that means you take action that aligns with that calling and this is showing your faith in God’s word over your life. 

There are numerous examples of this in the bible but one that showed up this week as I was reading through Genesis was Isaac in Genesis 26. 

God tells Isaac to stay in the land that He promised to his father Abraham. So Isaac stays and sows seed. Then God produced a harvest 100 times the seeds that were sown. 

That stopped me in my tracks. 

100X??? I mean 2x would’ve been amazing…10 would’ve been a miracle..but God went all out and did 100X.


I think it’s because Isaac was showing his faith in what God had spoken to him. 

When you plant a field, you’re saying “I’m staying awhile, and I’m going to do the work you’ve given me even when it feels impossible.” (It was during a famine after all)

You’re not saying ‘Ok…I’ll technically stay, but I’ll also go buy a house in the nearby city just in case this whole living out here in a tent thing doesn’t work out so well” 

His action of planting a field meant that he believed God would provide (even in a year of famine). And he’s saying with his actions that he believes that God will be true to His word. 

So what are you holding onto in your life that you KNOW doesn’t align with where God has called you?

Is it your job? You know what God has called you to do, you’ve started the business and are making money at it…but you’ve still got the safety of your job and it’s admittedly hard to let it go. You’ve convinced yourself it’s the smart thing to do, but really it’s because letting go and trusting God is scary. And I get it. I’ve been there, too. But when we think we can do it all on our own, then we aren’t depending on God and that’s being self-sufficient and not walking in faith.

Maybe it’s saying yes to business opportunities that come up simply because they will make money but they clearly don’t align with where God has called you. (been guilty of this one as well)

Only you and God know what it is that you’re holding onto that you know isn’t part of your ultimate calling. 

For me, this happened recently with my eBay business. I’ve known for about a year that I 100% don’t want to do eBay anymore. It doesn’t fit in my calling at all. It was simply a means to an end, but that season has passed.

But every time I considered it, I would say things like “well…maybe I could sell all the things to pay off debt..or maybe I could just fit it in a couple of hours a week to make some extra money.” 

Finally, God showed me that my holding onto that business…the one that has nothing to do with my calling…is me not trusting in Him. He asked me to close it down in obedience and trust. God wants me to learn to trust in His provision and walk in faith so that’s what I’m doing. 

The same thing happened with a client of mine. She was struggling to see any momentum in her business. In one of our sessions, she mentioned that she was doing 2 other side hustles that had nothing to do with where she felt God was calling her. She laid down the side hustle and started devoting time to her business and being obedient and God showed up. Things just started happening for her. 

So what are you holding onto that you’re going to let go of in obedience to God and walk in faith knowing that He will provide for you in ways you can’t even imagine?

I’m not saying this is some magic formula for getting 100x your effort or investment. But I am saying that God rewards obedience and faithfulness. 

If you’re finding yourself having a hard time knowing what God has called you to or how to fully step out in faith to embrace that, then I’d love to support you. Go to to book your free clarity call with me to work through what’s stopping you from taking that next big step.

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