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Let’s talk about stress and overwhelm and how we can (and should) stop wearing busyness as a badge of honor. Transitioning to working for yourself in your online business as an entrepreneur can be challenging. Whether coming from being a working mom or a stay at home mom, the same still holds true: the faster you can adjust to this new life as a mom entrepreneur, the faster you can settle into it and truly enjoy this season.

It feels almost like saying you’re stressed as a mom or entrepreneur is a badge of honor…a rite of passage. 

Then we have these tendencies to remain busy and stressed that we’re taught are admiral qualities from our careers.

And we bring that with us to working from home

It’s disheartening when you transition to finally being home with your kids but you’re always stressed, impatient etc. It’s not the happy peaceful time you’d imagined. 

Stressed work at home mom with kids in the background.

This was 100% me. 

Figuring out how to be less stressed so I could enjoy my business, my kids, and my life as an entrepreneur (and life in general) was a HUGE focus for me for the first 2 years of working from home.

I was reflecting with a friend the other day and I realized that I’m really not that stressed anymore. It’s a HUGE contrast from when I worked my job for sure. 

Since I know so many of you are either preparing to quit your job OR you’ve already made that leap and it feels like you’re barely holding your head above water, I’m here to help you get to a place that’s less stressed and more motivation, joy and peace.

Here I’m going to share what’s worked for me in hopes it can work for you as well.

8 key things that I implemented in my own life that have helped tremendously with stress and overwhelm. 

When I really look at it from a big picture perspective, I realize it’s more than just 1 or 2 things. It’s not just that I learned how to be really productive..or that I simply gained patience somehow. 

It’s actually a whole combination of things.

1. Mindset work

I started being an entrepreneur with so much doubt, imposter syndrome, fear, etc. It’s hard to function without stress when you’re scared of everything.

Scared you won’t make any money…scared you will.

Doubting you can do this.

But at the same time, you’re doing just feels chaotic and like an inner mental battle.

This led to the second one.

2. Reading my Bible and learning what God has to say about me

After years of not, I got back into reading my Bible and started really leaning on God’s word and His truths about who I was, that He provides for me, and I didn’t have to do it all.

It was through reading the Bible that I realized all the things I was worried about was because I didn’t see me or my life the way God did. 

Here are 7 Bible verses that really helped me with worry.

Woman reading her Bible.

Developed a daily practice of journaling, praying and quiet time with God.

This was probably the biggest thing that helped. I would wake up about 1-2 hours before everyone else and just sit down to be with God.

At first, I didn’t even know how to read the Bible honestly. I had to go dig it out of a box (if that tells you anything). Then I would try to read it like it was a book. Which, if you’ve done this then you know, makes it really hard to even comprehend anything.

It wasn’t until a friend of mine told me to read the Bible to see what it told me about God, about who He is and about what He was like.

When I did that, everything changed. It was wild. I got so excited about waking up because I was excited to see what God was going to show me as I read His word.

Then the journaling was huge too. A lot of times I would just prayer write as I call it. I would brain dump every single pain, confusion, worry, etc. and I would just write it out as though telling God. It helped me so much because it forced me to focus on one thought at a time and really sit with it and hear God speaking. If I’m talking, it makes it harder to hear that small voice. 

Those 3 were huge in getting me in a place where I wasn’t as stressed or overwhelmed unable to take action. Now that I was not in my head as much, I could start to really look at which areas I was struggling in and fix those.

 Meal planning

 I found myself having to spend so much time on figuring out what to eat, buying all the groceries for it, and then making it. I didn’t really know much about meal planning but once I learned about it, I was all for it. Meal planning saves me time, stress, and money.

Cleaning routines

Funny how when you work from home the house gets a million times messier a million times faster. I would spend so much time either cleaning everything randomly as I saw messes or I would ignore it all together for my work while stressing over the mess I was leaving.

Then I found Hot Mess to Home Success by Rosemarie Groner.

This course changed everything for me and taught me all about cleaning routines and decluttering in a way that worked for my ADHD brain. If managing the home is a struggle or just something you’d like to improve, then definitely check out this course.

Time blocking 

Fitting all the things in that you want to do can be challenging when you work for yourself. You’d think it’d be easier since you don’t have the demands of a regular 9-5 job.

But without anyone holding you accountable (i.e. a boss), you have to set your own schedule. Which is both awesome and challenging.

Blocking out time for all things that are important to you and then being present for each block without worrying about the others is a huge aspect of not feeling overwhelmed and stressed all the time.

Business friends and accountability 

Having friends to talk to that shared my values and understood what I was doing in my business was huge. Getting their encouragement and motivation to keep at it was important.

If you’re the only one you know doing something different for God like this…then it can feel really lonely and loneliness will cause stress. I’m reminded of Elijah when Jezebel was after him ( 1 kings 19:9-11). He felt like he was alone so it got to him.  

Constantly tweaking, improving and giving yourself grace

Everything isn’t going to click into place the moment you start working from home or even just because you say you want to do better.

You’re learning how to function in a new career with a new life and embracing a new identity.

You’ll try it and then learn and get better with time.

This is a journey so give yourself grace for not being at the finish line yet.

Final Thoughts

With these 8 things, I went from randomly breaking down, being super grumpy, and worrying about everything to being motivated, excited, and having a strong sense of peace and calm around my business and life. 

An extra resource to help you take that next step toward less stress is this free guide I put together. It’s a week worth of journal prompts around Biblical truths that God has given us and how they apply to you as an entrepreneur. Grab that here

I hope my story encourages you to keep making steps toward your calling.

This was also done as episode 23 on the Mama With A Calling podcast. You can listen below or your favorite podcast player.

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