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Wish you could become a work at home mom ASAP but feel like it’s taking forever to actually make that dream a reality? 

I’ve definitely been there. It’s something that you want so badly but the reality of getting there turns out to be a lot harder than you imagined. 

In this article, I am going to share an inspirational tip that would’ve made my journey to becoming a mom entrepreneur so much easier if I’d heard it years ago. 

While it took me 4 years to get the courage to actually leave my career and pursue working from home, this inspirational tip will motivate you to reach your goals as a mom entrepreneur way faster.

So what’s this inspirational tip for mom entrepreneurs?

Earlier this year, I heard some advice that I really believe would’ve changed my entire journey to becoming a mom entrepreneur (aka mom running a business from home) if I’d heard it sooner. This advice came from Brooke Castillo on her podcast, and she said “ What other people think of you has no impact on your feelings or your actions unless you let it

This may sound simple, and it is, but I’ve literally lived my entire life as a people-pleaser so starting a business and becoming an entrepreneur was not easy for me. 

When I had the idea to start making money online and leave the normal career path, I had a lot of resistance and hesitation. 

What would people think? Is this even possible? Am I crazy for leaving my career? 

I definitely held back a lot and let my fear of what other people might think impact my decisions. 


How Saying No to People Pleasing Can Make You A Better Mom Entrepreneur

There are so many ways this advice from Brooke would’ve changed my entrepreneurial journey if I’d heard it earlier and been able to implement it.

Here are some of the ways this one mindset shift can inspire and motivate you as you become a mom entrepreneur and grow your business.

As you read these, I want to encourage you to be honest with yourself about how you may be letting other people’s thoughts dictate your reality without even realizing it. 

Less hesitation starting your business

Fearing what other people think can really hold you back from going after your dreams, especially if they are outside of the box. If you’ve had a ton of education or worked your way up the ladder in your field, then you might feel like it’s a little crazy to start a business.

I know I did. Here I was with a Ph.D. in cancer biology, and I was trying to figure out how I could make money online selling gently used clothes and shoes. If I had truly embraced this advice that what others think has no impact on me, then I would’ve started my business sooner and without hesitation or shame. I would’ve left my job years before and not missed those younger years with my son. 

Quitting your job might be easier

Even though it’s your life and your job, there’s still some sense of obligation or loyalty to your career. Maybe your boss has turned into a mentor or your previous mentor trained you in your field of study and you keep in touch. To leave your job and especially your career can feel like you’re letting other people down. 

I know this was the case for me. I felt like I was letting down my mentors, graduate school advisors, and even my students. If I would’ve recognized that I was giving them that power and making assumptions about their thoughts, then I would’ve been able to quit my job much sooner. 

Easier claiming that you’re an entrepreneur  

When I finally did start a business, I didn’t really call it that. I just told people I had this fun way to make money on the side. Instead of recognizing and owning up to the fact that I was an entrepreneur with a business (no matter how small), I made sure to downplay it and write it off as just “some extra cash”.

Again, I was fearing what other people would think of me if I was really starting an online business and one that had nothing to do with my career. 

Embracing the fact that you’re an entrepreneur will help you adopt the entrepreneurial mindset faster and thus be more successful sooner. 

Taking risks in your business 

When you have a business, there is a lot of inherent risk of failure. I really didn’t want to leave my career and then fail at this whole business thing, especially when I had so many people questioning why I was doing it in the first place. 

Because I cared so much about what other people thought of my actions, I didn’t take many risks in my business for fear of it not succeeding. When, in reality, risks are very important as an entrepreneur (like when I failed at my Etsy business) and you have to be willing to take risks to figure out exactly what will work for your business and what won’t. 

Putting yourself out there more in your business

This kind of goes along the same lines as the last one, but this was more in terms of literally being seen in my business.

With most businesses, you’re going to have to market yourself or your products or services in some way. As a blogger, this meant showing up on social media on live video or putting out youtube videos or even straight up offering my services to people that might say no.

There is a lot that I didn’t do for my business because I was too caught up in what I thought others might think or say about me. And honestly, if they were going to say or think negative things, then they aren’t my customer anyway. 

And the same applies to you. 

 Worrying about what people will think of you and your ideas and your pricing will definitely prevent your business from growing or even starting. 

You can’t care about what the world thinks while doing what God is asking you to do. Only His approval matters. 

Mom guilt will ease up

Working a full time job and trying to run a business meant that I didn’t have a ton of time to spend with my son. Even though he was a big reason why I was doing the whole side hustle thing in the first place, I knew this was a sacrifice I had to make during this season. But that didn’t mean I didn’t feel guilty for it. 

If you really think about it, a lot of the mom guilt we feel is coming from what we think other people will think or say about us and how we are showing up as a mom. Even when it comes to things like choosing to put our kids into daycare or mom’s day out to give us some work time. 

When we decide that what other people think doesn’t affect us, then we can show up as the mom we want to be that’s perfect for our family in our situation right now. 

So if you need to work on your business while your kids play in the backyard or go to grandma’s a little bit more than usual, that’s ok. You know what you need to do for your family to get it to a situation where you really can spend the time you want with them.

Until then, just remember that what other people think about how you’re showing up as a mom has no effect on you unless you let it. 

Fewer arguments with your spouse over business success

Being an entrepreneur can create stressful situations for your family both in terms of finances and time. When your business isn’t bringing in extra money for your family, then it makes sense that your spouse might start to question why you’re doing this business in the first place. 

I know my husband and I have had many conversations around this very topic. 

Recently, I started realizing that the root of these arguments came from my own insecurity with how he thought of my business.

How could he not believe it’s going to succeed? Of course I work hard on it! Can’t he see that I’m passionate about this? 

But I was getting defensive because I wanted him to truly believe in my business just as much as I did. I was letting his thoughts of my business and my success as an entrepreneur get to me. 

Then I realized that no one has to believe in my business or think that I’m doing a great job for me to actually be successful. All that matters is that I am doing what God has asked me to do and that I’m being obedient to that. 

Yes, you want the blessing of your spouse, but that isn’t the same as them understanding or caring about your business the same way you do. 

So while your spouse may still have their concerns about your business success, if you’re coming from a place of truly believing in your business idea and that God has called you to it, then you’ll no longer respond from a place of defense. 

Final Thoughts

These are the things that can improve if you stop operating from a place of people-pleasing when it comes to your business and your decision to become a mom entrepreneur. 

If you’ve been letting other people’s thoughts dictate your reality, then I definitely get it. But to be successful moving forward, you have to put your focus on God instead of on the approval of people. 

This is easier said than done. 

If you want help with this, book a coaching session with me today so we can apply Biblical truth to the thoughts currently running the show. This will break their stronghold and allow you to start moving forward without the fear of what people think. 


“What other people think of you has no impact on your feelings or your actions unless you let it

It’s not easy but it is simple. 

Repeat that every time you feel yourself doubting your ability to quit your job or actually scale your business or own up to the fact that you even have a business. Anytime you feel yourself feeling ashamed of your desire to be a work at home mom, remember this advice. 

Here are some things that just might change for you if you do: 

  • Less hesitation starting your business

  • Less hesitation about actually quitting your job 

  • Easier claiming the title of entrepreneur

  • Taking risks in your business 

  • Putting yourself out there more in your business

  • Mom guilt will ease up

  • Fewer arguments with your spouse over business success

I’d love to hear the best piece of advice you’ve ever received that has helped you grow as an entrepreneur. Comment below to share. 

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About The Liberated Mommy

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